how to create a website for free | If you are thinking of opening a website yourself, come here

If you are thinking of opening a website yourself, come here | how to create a website for free

how to create a website for free | If you are thinking of opening a website yourself, come here

I Imran Today I will try to convince you how to open a website how to buy a domain how to buy hosting

The first two things will take place one is domain hosting and the other is hosting

So now you can ask what is domain hosting

Suppose a person is looking for you when they ask for another person I will go to the domain then the person will show you that the domain name is different types of domain name such as dot com dot net movie etc.

And what if you don't buy the domain, then when that person asks for another person, I will go to the person so you need a name to show that person so that everyone will know you by searching that name so that your name goes away. That is why you must pick a domain

Now let's talk about hosting

Suppose a guy says I go to the domain then the other person will reply I know the domain but he does not know where he is now ie he does not know where his house is and he who has this house is called hosting.

As an example, I am explaining

Suppose you now have both domain-hosting, then a person comes and asks you where is the brother domain and hosting the domain house then he will undoubtedly tell the person and address.

Now let us know how to do things

It is worth mentioning that these tasks can be done in different ways: WordPress Blogger Joomla, etc.

But if you are new, I would recommend you choose Blogger because if you choose Blogger you will see that you can do the job very easily and only spend money on the domain and nothing else and blogger you can sort your mind. Because Blogger does not take long for Google to load the page and if you work for Blogger you will see nothing. You don't have to buy everything except the domain, you can get online

Let's come to WordPress

If you want to work with WordPress, you will have to spend a lot of money, such as buying different tools that you can get free of charge, but you can't work with them fairly but you can't work professionally.

Another problem here is that if you want to use WordPress then you must buy hosting but if you want to use Google Cloud but you only have to pay it for one year, if you use Google Cloud then you can install WordPress there.

But remember never take a free domain or free hosting from someone because if you are taking a free domain or free hosting from someone, you will find that your page will take a lot of time to load and sometimes the connection will go out and various problems. Like if you use free domain name then Google Adsense will never approve you but Haj

Beyond these you need another thing

That is a template because the template will make your website beautiful Remember that the main key to your website is that the better you use the template, the better you get visitors.

Before using the template, you will see how the template comes to the computer because it is important and important.

Now let's get to where the template is

If you use Blogger then you have to download it from Google and if you use WordPress then you can download it from WordPress but keep in mind there is another thing hidden here is the template's credit.

If you download a free template you will find that you cannot work that template perfectly and if you buy a template with money then you will see that template can work perfectly.

Don't worry I will give you some templates for free or if you have any kind of template from online, I will comment the name of that template and I will download the template and give you the full version and give it to you. Can do so

And if you do not fully understand these issues, have no problem email me or give me a call. I will definitely help you.

And if you don't understand anything, tell me I will make you a self-contained website and you will only pay domain fees with domain hosting.

Another thing is if you need some kind of template, then a website link is given below and there are some templates in mind, you can download all the Pro versions and if your desired template is not there then comment below any template of your template. What's the name

I hope you do not understand